I’m beyond excited that I am finally able to present to you, Love Sex Riot. My dream with this brand is to diminish gender boundaries and elevate the freedom of expression. The first products are two fragrances I’ve personally created called Stay Gold & Rebelle. It’s been a long journey, but thanks to my amazing team, you can finally hold these bottles in your hands! Thank you so much for your support. I hope you will follow us as we grow and continue to break down the walls of limitation.

While you pamper up with the mist of “Rebelle” you will find yourself feeling fresh with the ambience of sweet and warm raspberry nectar, amber, creamy vanilla, and other elegant notes.

Touch up the night just when you feel your sexiest with a spritz of our signature scent “Stay Gold” that leaves the kiss of Sicilian bergamot, sandalwood, and distressed leather, among other sensational nostalgia building notes, on your skin.